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Anhui HELI was re-elected as National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise

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Update time : 2015-03-11 10:44:59

Recently, China Ministry of Science and Technology, Torch High Technology Industry Development Center has released the selection results of 2010 National Torch Plan Key High-tech enterprises, and a total of 22 enterprises in Anhui province have won the title. Anhui HeLi Co.,Ltd. was awarded the honor again.


It is understood that the Torch Plan is a guidance plan to develop high-tech industries in China, which was approved in August 1988. The plan is regularly organized and implemented by the Ministry of Science and Technology, oriented by domestic and foreign markets demand, based on national, local and industry key research projects, the latest technologies R&D achievements and other achievements in scientific research, and aiming at developing new and high technology products and forming industries. The state and local governments will jointly and selectively support a number of high-tech enterprises (groups) in market, information, finance, management, services and so on aspects to promote the development of China key industrial projects and regional economy.