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HELI’s Chairman Zhang Dejin Named 2012 Anhui Economic Person of the Year

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Update time : 2015-03-11 10:38:17


In the evening of January 31, “2012 Anhui Economic Person of the Year” awards ceremony was grandly held in Anhui Broadcasting and Television Center. Mr. Zhang Dejin, the chairman of Anhui Forklift Group Co.,Ltd. and Anhui HeLi Co.,Ltd., was elected the first of Anhui top ten Economic Persons of the Year 2012, and accepted the interview of the famous CCTV host Wang Xiaoya. 200 Heli employees watched the awards ceremony live. This is not only the recognition and approval to Chairman Zhang Dejin, but also the affirmation and praise to Anhui Heli forklift for its outstanding performance in recent years.


Mr. Zhang Dejin received the award from deputy director of Anhui Economic and Information Technology Committee Zhang Deshan, and published the award-winning speech:” Responsibility, as a enterprise, it means to be a valuable enterprise; as a person, it means to assume responsibility, and make a contribution to the society.”