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Type: H2000 Series 4-5T I.C. Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks

Item No.: 008
This series forklift trucks are widely used in factories, warehouses, stations, wharves, ports and so on for loading, unloading and transporting of the packaged goods, besides, can be used for the handling of the bulk goods and unpackaged goods after equi

1. Enhanced comfort through innovative design.


2. Hydraulic transmission and mechanical transmission types are all available.


3. Flexible steering and small turning radius, with full Hydraulic Steering System.


4. We use scientific ergonomic method to design H2000 Forklift truck. The operation space has been efficiently enlarged. The rough feeling of the driver has been reduced to the lowest extends.


5. A variety of domestic and imported engines for you to choose. The emission meets EC and EPA new regulation.


6. Specially designed container door frame can enter the container for operation. This series forklifts can be equipped with two, or three full free lift mast, and various attachments, according to user’s demand.


7. Enclose cabin is made of assembling plate on overhead guard, high strength overhead is design to ensure the safety.


8. Operator presence sensing system, the system will cut off the driving force to prevent accidents, when the driver leave the seat during operation.

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